About Us

Kookee Enterprises started its humble beginnings as a grocery store in Wandegeya, Kampala in 1996.

Since it’s inception, kookee Enterprises achieved the popularity vote in Wandegeya as a grocery store. A few more years down the line and Kookee achieved further success by representing some of the biggest East African & international companies as their sole distribution agent in Uganda.

After establishing itself as one of Uganda’s leading import & trading companies, the company ventured into the dairy sector in 2008.

Today Kookee Enterprises is among the companies to fill the void in the local market by introducing a varied range of quality Ice creams & dairy products and awarded the  “Platinum award” for “Quality Ice-cream & Yoghurt” production in 2015 by the “Dairy Development Authority” in Uganda.

Nature of Business:

With over 18 years of experience in the Country, Kookee Enterprises’ core business has been in the import & distribution of “Fast Moving Consumer Goods.” Production of Ice cream & yoghurts locally has been the second venture with nearly a decade of experience at hand. With a high vision to initiate the production of other select FMCG’s locally, Kookee Enterprises aspires to represent some of the best international brands and develop local brands & products.



Bipin Pandya(Managing Director):

Bipin Pandya with a Degree in Eletronic Telecommunication was raised in Mumbai, India and is a Ugandan National familiar with the culture and business nature of the Ugandan market since his arrival in 1992. With more then two decades of experience in trading & industrial manufacturing, his visions consists of producing good quality products for regional distribution while representing International brands that he believes have a home in the Ugandan market.

 Jagruti Pandya (Director)

Born in Mumbai, India. She is the Co-Founder and active director of the company’s daily functions. She holds over two decades of hands-on experience trading  ‘fast moving consumer goods’ in various trade levels ranging from grocery shops to hyper super markets. She currently manages and guides the sales and accounts team at Kookee Enterprises. She holds a Bachelors of Commerce and Diploma in Computer Programming